"Christmas Chills" by Chris Younken and Jamie Shaler

Christmas Chills is the result of several years of work, arranged by Jamie and Chris, and features Chris' amazing guitar work as well as his studio acumen. If you're tired of Mall Carols and the usual holiday repetition you'll find this music a cure, and hopefully a new holiday tradition!

$17.00 (includes shipping and tax)

"NOTHING SACRED" by Jamie Shaler and Thunder Monkeys.

The last full rock and roll band recording Jamie released, back in 1993. It features a number of musicians Jamie has worked with over the years. You may have heard "This Place", "What The Hell", and "Cool Blue Eyes" on the radio.

$12.00 (includes shipping and tax)

"ON VACATION" by Jamie Shaler

Jamie Shaler On Vacation, Beeswax cassette album from 1988 featuring Jamie with Jeff Baust and Craig Kahn. 4 songs are produced by Hirsch Gardner and the rest are live in the studio. "Desert Sun" received lots of airplay and won the studio time used for the live part of the album in a songwriting contest on WAAF sponsored by Pepsi.

$10.00 (includes shipping and tax)

Contact Jamie and Chris at: info@jamieandchris.com

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