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Jamie Shaler and Chris Younken met in 1972 in their hometown of State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State University. They began playing music together then and, although only together professionally for a few years long ago, they haven't stopped playing together since that day.
Jamie and Chris indeed!
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Got a nice new review of “scars, guitars, & tranquilizers” in The Noise June issue! Don’t forget you can get “scars” in physical form for Amazon or from me, or download it and “Christmas Chills” in entirety, or individual songs, from Amazon or iTunes. Go to my website www.jamieandchris.com Chills for my rock and roll albums “Nothing Sacred” and “Jamie Shaler On Vacation.”
br> JAMIE SHALER Scars, Guitars, & Tranquilizers 18 tracks Mostly acoustic, fingerpicking alt/folk-rock done by one of New England’s most under-rated talents; this is a great release. Jamie Shaler was in Angry Young Bees and Jamie Shaler On Vacation many moons ago, and on this project he writes most of the songs and plays most of the instruments. The obvious exception is his cool punked-up cover of “Factory Girl,” a Rolling Stones Beggar’s Banquet-era melody. Jeff Baust and Chris Younken share the duties on bass. This is a very personal album, and his vocal style gives one the impression that Shaler is pouring his heart and soul out to the listener in both the lyric content and the song’s delivery. Introspective resolutions like “Time Free Sail,” “Silent Call of the Streetlights,” and “Time and Time Again” mix with more guitar-focused, good fingerpicking tunes like “That Sort of Feeling,” “Lothlorian,” “Fly Lady Suite,” and “Rue de la Paix.” I dig the way he picks notes and then strums a chord and then goes right back to fingerpicking. This style is very effective and interesting to listen for. The result is almost TWO CD’s worth of fantastic material on one release. He even gets electric and rocks out on “Never Ran with the Animals” and “Was in the Bentley” – music that could have been done by The Bees back in another time. More great music from Jamie Shaler. Add it to your collection now. (A.J. Wachtel)

JAMIE & BEES AT RAT, AT BRATTLE! I’ve mentioned before the way-cool documentary, “Let’s Go To The Rat,” by Director Andy Szava-Kovats, which chronicles the famed Rat rock club in Kenmore Square. It features Willie “Loco” Alexander, the Neighborhoods, Big Catholic Guilt, Real Kids, Classic Ruins, Rick Berlin, oh, the Angry Young Bees, (Will Hunt, Craig Kahn, Jeff Baust, and myself) and many, many more in live rocking action videos and interviews about this great club and the scene and scensters and bands and writers and DJ’s that shared it. This Sunday, Nov 16, at 7 PM, “Let’s Go To the Rat” will be on the big screen at the famed Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge. Famed and famed…how do you beat this? If only afterwards one could troll through Jacks, Jonathan Swifts, The Club and the Inn Square Men’s Bar! All equally dead rock clubs…but no one has made a way-cool documentary about them. Fortunately we have a great one about the Rat….on the BIG screen … Sunday…wear your leather!

Oh yes, the great documentary “Let’s Go to the Rat” is out, features many great bands (such as my old crew Angry Young Bees!) and is a blast. You can get it at www.LetsGoToTheRat .com or at Boston’s Newbury Comics! You must check it out!

PS Among the countries where people have watched our various Christmas vids: USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, Phillipines, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Peru, Japan, Romania, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, France, Sri Lanka, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia (!), Ecuador, Nicaragua, Slovakia, Estonia, United Arab Emirates. Taiwan, Egypt, Finland, Venezuela, Lebanon, Singapore, Malta, Chile, Barbados, Moldova, Jordan, South Africa, Belgium, South Korea, Hong Kong, Botswana, Iceland, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Nigeria, Bahrain, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Vietnam, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Argentina, Paraguay, Mozambique, Israel, Qatar, Serbia, Iraq, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Switzerland, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Nepal, Cyprus, Indonesia, Hungary, Norway,Czech Republic, Bahamas, Georgia, Lithuania, Ireland, Honduras, Turkey, Guyana, Cambodia and Uganda! Wow!!

Shameless request……any fans who would be so kind as to go to Amazon or iTunes, call up “Scars, Guitars & Tranquilizers” and “Christmas Chills” (music…Jamie Shaler….pretty easy) and make nice comments about said CDs would be greatly appreciated by moi! If you already have one or both CDs it’s very easy (if not, why not?)….or, if not, you can stream sections of every song right there…..and, at last resort, you can, shall we say, invent! Or simply gush!

From July 2013.........

Just got a very nice review from Metronome Magazine - thanks!

Metronome Magazine Hearings July 2013


Singer-songwriter-guitarist Jamie Shaler is best known for his work with the ‘80s Boston band Angry Young Bees, but these days he’s directed his focus on the singer-songwriter aspect of his music. On his new solo debut, Scars, Guitars, & Tranquilizers, Shaler delivers an ambitious 18-song effort highlighted by energetic acoustic guitar playing, inventive lyrics and spirited vocals. Fourteen of the album’s tracks are penned by Shaler, while the other four are meticulously crafted renditions of songs by Guy Clark (The Last Gunfighter Ballad), Paul Simon (A Poem On The Underground Wall), The Rolling Stones (Factory Girl), and former bandmate Will Hunt (Nobody I Know). Aside from compatriots Jeff Baust and Chris Younken contributing bass parts and some engineering chores, Shaler plays all the instruments heard on the album while turning the knobs for the project in his home studio. It should be noted that Chris Younken also mastered the well recorded and produced project. Best tracks sure to capture the imagination of folkies everywhere include the sweet guitar picking of “I Know You’re There,” the ethereal “Time Free Sail,” the gritty “Was In The Bentley,” the deft guitar work of “Fly Lady Suite,” the superb interpretation of The Rolling Stones’ “Factory Girl,” the masterful fretboard workout of “Lothlorien,” the moody “Rue de la Paix co-written with wife Louise, and the acoustic uprising of “Everybody Wants a Cut." While Shaler’s musical journey has brought him to many crossroads over the years, it’s clearly evident that he’s found comfortable ground on Scars, Guitars, & Tranquilizers. (Doug Sloan)

Note from Jamie – Louise Shaler is my sister, not my wife. She wrote the poem ” Rue de la Paix.”


Scars, Guitars, & Tranquilizers It’s officially released now…..I’ve already mentioned you can download the album, or any individual songs, from Amazon.com, iTunes, Spotify, eMusic and lots of other such places, but for the old-school among us (like me!) you can now order a physical CD from Amazon.com! And I have a batch that I will be carrying around from now on as well, which will have the groovy back cover that Amazon on Demand doesn’t deal in……

The information missing as a result is as follows (shortened version)….the album has 18 songs, all mine except for Paul Simon’s “A Poem on the Underground Wall,” the Stones’ “Factory Girl,” Guy Clark’s “Last Gunfighter Ballad,” my dear fellow Bee Will Hunt’s beautiful ballad “Nobody I Know,” and one song co-written with my sister Louise.

Other than 3 songs with Jeff Baust on bass and one song with Chris Younken on bass I play everything….acoustic, electric, classical, 12-string and bass guitars, harmonicas, keyboards, percussion, balalaika and, of course, vocals. I’ve been working on this critter for a long time and am very proud of it. Most of it was recorded at my home studio although some at Jeff Baust’s Coral Sea and Chris Younken’s house. Chris, besides teaching me to engineer, was also invaluable in that he mastered the entire project, without which it would not exist!


From Feb. 2013.....

I should remind everyone…..

Congratulations! Your song was selected to be on Valentine's 2013 - A TuneCore Artist Compilation, Volume 1. We had over 1,100 artists submit their songs, so you beat out a lot of competition. There were so many good tracks, sent from all over the world, that we decided to create three albums: Volumes 1 & 2, plus a Hip-Hop/R&B version. Your song is on Volume 1, now live on Amazon MP3 U.S. (not anymore....)

The song they reference is “I Know You’re There.” Also happens to be the first song on “Scars, Guitars, & Tranquilizers.” Did I say FREE??

Thanks to Metronome Magazine for a wonderful cover story in the January 2012 issue. They also featured Angry Young Bees in their "Time Machine" section!

Chris is busily recording assorted folks in his studio, playing in a couple bands and doing lots of freelance audio work. Speaking of which, check out his new website www.chrisyounkenproductions.com. He is also working on a solo album of many great pieces of his music from throughout the years! Some wonderful material, and, of course, wonderfully recorded!

Don't forget - under the "Music" section you can listen to one of the songs from the upcoming album, sample from the 3 albums available for sale at the Store tab and listen to Jamie's entire set from August 2007 when he opened for David Clayton Thomas at the Lowell Summer Music Series. Not altogether bad!

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